Just uploaded a new version of the Avalon Remake.


Avalon V 0.00.02

An aerial view of the part of the world in Age of Wolves: The Game that has been finished....


I discovered today that the Unity WebPlayer does not work in a Linux Browser....

But there is an easy way to get it working. Click the link below to find out how it works.





Version is the Current Version.

Version has been archived.


What is new?

From now on each version, the ones in the future and this, not the old ones, will have it's own page on the site with a manual of sorts.

Removed the irritating context menu that popped up every time you right clicked and moved the full screen option it offered to the main menu and the new ingame menu.

The door now work. No it will not open, since that would force me to rebuild all of the models as Skinned Meshes and I am too lazy for that. It just transports you to the hallway.

Replaced the Standard Unity First Person Controller with one I made myself, and thanks to that got rid of a lot of bugs.


Version is now the current version.

Version is archived.


What is new?

There is now a title screen with music. This screen also has a version indicator at the bottom left.

There is some interaction possible.